Whether you are an individual or an organisation.There comes a time when you will have to plan an event and this can take a lot of your time, effort, energy and resources. Eventstic is evolving the way you plan your events by making it quick, easy and convenient.You no longer have to be at home or in the office to plan your event, as long as you are online planning your event now takes minutes. Eventstic lets you plan your event in four easy steps. Step 1. Sign Up and login for FREE. Step 2. Plan your event by detailing the type of event e.g Wedding, Year End function, Birthday etc, the services you will require for the event e.g Catering, Decor, AV System, Venue etc.Lastly the date for your event. Step 3. Post the event. Step 4. Sit back ,relax and let the service providers contact you.


Thousands of events take place everyday around the world, however unless one is known or well connected, getting the opportunity to offer your services can be a challenge. Are you looking to get more business opportunities, are you looking at marketing and adverting your business? Eventstic gives you that one stop solution that let's you advertise, market and grow your business today in four easy steps. Step 1. Subscribe and login to Eventstic. Step 2. Search Eventstic for events that require your service.The Events page has a list of all the events that have been posted on Eventstic and the required services will be shown under the event description. Step 3. Contact the event host and offer your services. Step 4. Do it over and over again.